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Our mission is to provide unrivaled in-home pet sitting in Fayetteville NC by fully ensuring the health, safety, and contentment of your pets. At Black Scottie we believe you must love animals and provide top-notch, reliable service, respecting your pets, property and privacy.


Pet Sitting in Fayetteville, NC



Rates,Fees, & Paying.

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Pet Sitting in Fayetteville, NC
Tailored Home Service
Included at no charge: Visits include tasks such as mail collection, watering of your plants, or any other special need you may have within reason.
Pet Medication

Included at no charge: The administration of oral and injectable medication.

Standard Service

Includes play time, walks and potty breaks. During walks and play time, we supply bottled water along with a sanitized bowl to ensure your pet is refreshed.

Black Scottie Pet Services is one of the few Better Business Bureau Accredited pet sitters in Fayetteville, NC, and we are truly one of the most qualified pet sitters in this area. Our service has formal animal health training and actual animal health and care experience.
  •  Collection of keys after initial visit. ____ $7.00

  • Purchasing of pet supplies. ___ $5.00 plus cost of supplies. 

  • Additional Mileage Fee (over 15 miles). __$2.00 per mile

Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Late Scheduling Fee (24 hour or    less notice) _____ $2.00


  • Cancellation Fee (Fewer than 5 days from start of services) 50% of scheduled service.

  • (3 dogs max…each additional dog  $5.00 per 30 min visit.)


  • Our pet sitting visits start at $18.00 per 30-minute visit within our 12-mile service area radius which begins at the crossing of Cliffdale and Skibo Roads. Meaning, from that road crossing, our service area extends outward 15 miles in all directions.  

  • 1 hour visits _______ $30.00​

  • 30 minute walks are our most requested walk length; please feel free to request longer durations, and we would be happy to accommodate based on availability.

  • We do not charge an added fee for holiday visits!

Yes, we care for all animals, dogs, cats, and farm animals including miniature pigs.

Most importantly.... love and attention!

Paying for Your Service:

Paying for your service is simple.

  • For new customers, once we have met your pets and the initial contract has been signed, we will send you a Paypal invoice for the full amount of your service. This allows for the most secure transfer of money.


  • For returning customers, since your initial contract has been signed, just text us the dates and times you need our service, and we will send you a Paypal invoice. 

We do not hire employees, so during your contracted pet sitting with us, the owners of this service are the only two people that will enter your home to care for your pets.



Ronnie Davis, M.A. Min.

Nancy Davis, M.S.W, LCSW-A

Pet Sitting Credentials:

Degree in livestock management from North Carolina State University.

Member of the North Carolina Association of Veterinary Technicians.

Pet CPR and First Aid Certified.
Veterinary Assistant for over 5 years.

Former Army Medic & EMT


6:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Sunday

Pet Sitting in Fayetteville NC

About Our Pet Service:

We are truly one of the most qualified pet sitters in Fayetteville NC.

Our service includes dog walking and pet sitting in Fayetteville NC


We are bonded and fully insured.

Black Scottie Pet Services of Fayetteville NC is a fully insured and bonded pet sitting service. We have the formal training, knowledge, experience, and professionalism to care for your pet while you are away. We provide in-home dog walking and pet sitting in Fayetteville NC. Since we are not a kennel or boarding house, we can assure your furry family member will receive all the love and attention they can handle, while remaining in the familiar surroundings of their home! Away at work? Black Scottie Pet Services offers dog walking in Fayetteville NC to give your pet an afternoon/late day Pee & Poo break.

We offer Consistency and Assurance in pet sitting.

We know how important consistency is for the well-being of an animal. Wouldn't it be wonderful to establish a relationship with a professional and loving pet sitter in Fayetteville NC that you can count on each and every time you must head out of town? After an initial consultation, all your info will remain on file. The next time you need a pet sitter in Fayetteville NC just give us a quick text or call, and we'll schedule your visits.


Why hire our Pet Sitting Service?

Your pets thrive on routine and familiarity. Their home is their sanctuary, and some animals simply get nervous when boarded at a kennel. Hiring our pet sitting service can alleviate that nervousness while guaranteeing that your pets get the food, medicine and attention that they're used to throughout the day. A well exercised dog is less likely to display destructive behavior in your home. Providing a stimulating break during the day could help prevent separation anxiety, which can be painstaking to treat. Because most of us work full time it is almost impossible for us to provide all of what our dogs need without help. Seeking the services of a professional dog walker is a great way to get the help you need.

This Works:

Initial Consultation Visit, what to expect:

For first time clients, we will schedule a required Initial Consultation Visit. During this free consultation visit, you take us through your pet's routine, fill out paperwork about your pet, provide us with a key, gather veterinary information and emergency contacts. We are an in-home pet sitting service, we come to your home to take care of your pets.


  • Please allow 25-30 minutes for this visit and have an extra key available.

  • This consultation and paperwork will need to be done only once.

  • Please visit our Option, Rates, & Fees page for pricing information.

When you need pet sitting in Fayetteville NC, choose a service that has formal animal health training and actual animal health and care experience.

Pet Sitting in Fayetteville NC

Use the map below to calculate your distance, or send us a text. Our 12-mile service area radius which begins at the crossing of Cliffdale and Skibo Roads. Meaning, from that road crossing, our service area extends outward 15 miles in all directions. 

Q: Is my address within your service area.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

Prefill your client forms!

Don't wait until your initial consultation to complete your New Client Forms, print and complete them at your leisure. 

New Client Forms

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